Investing In Your Treadmill's Maintenance

Absolutely! We see countless problems and increased repair costs that could have been avoided had the owner invested in the maintenance of their equipment. Treadmills contain complex electronic systems and have a high number of fast-moving mechanical parts. Due to this they require the most maintenance of all cardio equipment, and typically carry the highest repair costs when they go without. Treadmills most often run into trouble when the running belt wears down and "grabs" against the deck below it. Imagine sliding down a slip n' slide and running out of water before reaching the end. Treadmill motors and electronics are not designed to withstand this kind of friction. It is important to monitor walk belt wear, lubricate (model dependent), and even replace walk belts before they wear to the point of damaging other components in the treadmill. Keeping the electronics of the treadmill calibrated and the motor compartment cleaned are also important components in extending the life of the machine. The real brains of the treadmill sit in the bottom of the machine near the motor and are susceptible to excessive dust build up. Accumulated dust and grease can plug the cooling systems of both the motor and electronics, causing these components to overheat.

Dust bunnies plugging the cooling fan nearly melted the drive box powering this treadmill

These issues are most often preventable with regular maintenance and cleaning. Treadmills that are designed to last many years often "die" prematurely solely due to a neglect of the maintenance and upkeep recommended by the manufacturer. Many manufacturer reserve the right to void warranties on equipment they deem to have not been maintained by the owner. Home and gym owners alike also have a difficult time reselling equipment that has not been maintained properly when the time comes to upgrade.

If you have questions regarding the upkeep of your cardio or strength equipment please don't hesitate to reach out. Our goal is to help our customers keep their machines up and going as long as possible!

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